Instagram Ads // A Quick Guide to Power Editor

SMPerth // 05th July 2017

Have you got a few of your clients wanting a bunch of Instagram ads?

Do you need to manage a large number of campaigns with lots of different ad groups?

Perhaps, Ads Manager has started to feel a little ‘limited’. If so, Facebook’s Power Editor could be for you.

As we’ve discussed before Power Editor is the supreme advertising tool for Facebook and caters for mass ad creation. But it can also be used for Instagram ads.

Power Editor makes it easy to manage and run campaigns on both Instagram and Facebook – you can even run ads on different platforms from the same campaign if you like! This makes it perfect for large corporations and agencies that manage multiple ad campaigns.

If this sounds like something you could use to your advantage, then stay tuned as we take a look at how to set up your Instagram ads in Power Editor.

Creating a campaign

Before creating any ads you’ll need to have Power Editor set up and your billing details have been added to Ads Manager. You can run ads on Instagram without an account by using your Facebook page to represent the ads, otherwise you’ll need to connect the two.

1. Create a new campaign
In the campaign tab click ‘Create Campaign’. A new window will open, enter a name for the campaign and set the buying type to auction.

2. Set your campaign objective
Choose the objective that best reflects where your audience is along the sales funnel, from unaware to purchase. Not all of the objectives available for Facebook ads are available for Instagram ads, so make sure you choose one that can be used.

3. Your Ad Set
Ad sets hold all the nitty gritty information. Give it a meaningful name and click on the pencil icon to edit enter the settings for the budget, schedule, audience and ad placement.

4. Choose your ad placement
This is a very important step if you are only wanting to have your ads appear on Instagram. The default setting is automatic placement i.e. everywhere. To have the ads show on Instagram only select ‘edit placements’ and define where you’d like them to appear.

Create your ads

Well done! Now that you have all the campaign settings in place you can start getting a bit creative.

1. Select the campaign and ad set you want to use for the ad.
2. Next, enter a name for the ad and click ‘create’.
3. Select the destination for your ads
4. Upload an image or video
5. Add your website URL
6. Enter the copy – a heading isn’t necessary if they are only being shown on Instagram
7. Select appropriate text for your call to action button
8. Review and publish!

The caption allows for up to 300 characters but use it wisely. Hook the viewer in by putting the most important information at the beginning.

You can use video or images but you should make sure that they are eye-catching. Also, check the dimension of your images are the right ones for the format you’ve selected. Facebook advertising regulations less than 20% of the photo should be covered with text.

Ad insights

No doubt you will be wanting to check on the performance of your ads and Power Editor has great analytics available for ad campaigns. View details on the number of impressions, reach, clicks and other insights. You can also customise reports and download reports so that you can show your clients.

Head to Facebook’s Business Advertiser Help pages for more information on using Power Editor.


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