Instagram Stories vs Snapchat: Which is better for you?

While Instagram Stories monopolises its ability to connect audiences seamlessly with unique updates, Snapchat endeavors to remain true to its vibe and has managed to keep up, but which one is better for you?

When it comes to “Story” on Instagram Story or Snapchat it is about considering three vital things:

  1. Which allows you to build anticipation
  2. How are you storytelling
  3. Which one enables you to showcase what you are doing best

These are the starting points of your strategy when it comes to making Instagram Story and Snapchat a part of your communications.

If you are already on Instagram, then Instagram Story should be a natural addition to your regular content. Snapchat however, is a tool that requires more time invested to build organically.

The benefits of using Instagram Story

  1. Your Instagram account already has a following that will tune into your Instagram Story.
  2. Instagram Story’s “geotag” and “hashtag” features – by adding these to your stories, your content begins to trend and gain more exposure organically in the Instagram community.
    Instagram Story location tagging
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    Instagram Story hashtagging
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  3. Instagram Live on Instagram Story – can’t beat live interaction that is organic. Regular Instagram Live updates that will engage your audience and add personality to your overall Instagram brand.
  4. Instagram Story stats – find out more about these on our Instagram Analytics blog.
  5. Paperclip – if you have more than 10 thousands followers you can link your stories to “Swipe Up” directly to your website.

With Instagram Story, you have multiple options, and within one swipe you can easily diversify your content to engage different segments of your audience that may miss your daily feed content.

Instagram Story as an addition to your Instagram strategy is an automatic transition. They allow you to showcase your brand while storytelling and build anticipation with your followers when needed.

Looking at Snapchat

We have a comprehensive breakdown of Snapchat stories right here.

Snapchat in comparison to Instagram Story is personality driven rather than content driven. Personality in addition to the style of content is what attracts viewers on Snapchat. If you are drawing a younger demographic for your business, then Snapchat should be a tool you consider strongly as 60% of the app users are under 25.

Overall for many businesses, Instagram Stories is killing the game – it is an umbrella tool that slips smoothly into daily social sharing. Snapchat however, needs more commitment and a massive audience to follow through to with not much return on investment for an organic pull.


What do you think? Will you be adopting Snapchat in 2018? What are your thoughts on Instagram’s changes? Tell us in the comments.


Sameera is a Social Media Strategist and Digital Content Manager. My passions lie strongly in influencer relations + digital strategy. I thrive on creating campaigns for brands and purposefully harnessing the power that influencer’s can bring to a marketing plan.