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If you’re like us, you’ll have an excellent plan for your Instagram page and know exactly what kind of content you want to share and when.

However, thanks to Instagram’s lack of scheduling functionality, you may be missing your optimal posting times or worse, forgetting to post altogether!

So to allow you to regain control of your Instagram feed and strategy, we’ve rounded up some awesome tools which could help you with keeping on top of your Instagram scheduling.

There are so many scheduling platforms out there so here is a breakdown of the best ones we have come across and the best features of each.


ScheduGram is perfect for managing multiple accounts across multiple projects.

The payment plan is easy, you pay per Instagram account on your dashboard and you can easily deactivate/reactivate accounts as you need.

If you are managing more than 10 Instagram accounts then you do get a discount.

Why ScheduGram for when you are on the go:

  • No push notifications – ScheduGram posts for you!
    Which means once you have scheduled your content, you are done and can get along with the rest of your to do list.
  • Real people posting in real time – it doesn’t go through a server which means even your scheduled 12 AM posts are going out exactly how you intend to – hashtags in the right place and all.
  • Schedule images and video and you have editing features within the platform.
  • Queue your posts – set your times and days then simply upload your content – a great tool to visualise all the content you are sending out and you can drag and drop if you want to reorder your queued posts.
  • Calendar interface and layouts that you can personalise to best suit you.
  • You can also add the first comment to go out right underneath your caption when you schedule your post – this can be hashtags that you intend to use for the post.
  • Fantastic for teams working on the content calendar.



Planoly is very similar to ScheduGram with a more intuitive sense of use with the integration of features from HootSuite and Buffer. You can schedule, visualise, plan, work with a team while also engaging with your comments, tracking analytics and even reposting content directly from the app without having to screenshot and upload.

The desktop interface is just as great as the mobile app. Some of the best global brands use this app and it is no surprise why. It works through push notifications however the other incentives of this all rounder platform forgives this.

The best part of the platform is it actually works to solve Instagram scheduling and visualisation issues that content creators face when trying to curate the best Instagram feed possible.

For example – you cannot upload to Instagram Stories if the image or video has been in your camera roll for longer than 24hrs.  Well, Planoly fixed this!

This means you can actually plan your Instagram Story content in advance too. YAY!

Planoly is truly a platform dedicated to making the lives of creators and social media managers easier and giving the inspiration to tackle the mundane aspect of sitting down and scheduling content.

What I also about Planoly is their blog, YouTube, and EDMs – filled with great interviews and spectacular insight into the diverse world of Instagram marketing.

And free accounts can post up to 30 pieces of content.



Buffer, like other Instagram scheduling tools out there, allows you to schedule your posts ready for Instagram. Buffer’s key strengths lie in its simplicity, it is a platform that maximises ease through emphasising the essentials.

Simple analytics that Buffer offers make it easy to see which social messages are performing best- you can then easily re-Buffer any messages with the click of a button.

And along with the ability to add multiple accounts with Buffer you are also able to add RSS feeds from your favourite blogs and websites and share their content easily.

Here is a list of cool things you can do with Buffer’s browser extension:

  • Keyboard shortcuts – Speed up your social sharing
  • Buffer button overlay – Buffer images with a click
  • Buffer integration with popular networks – You’ll see a Buffer button on Twitter, Tweetdeck, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and Hacker News (you can disable any you don’t want).

One limitation Buffer has is that you can’t view your Twitter feed or directly interact with your followers.



There was a long period where Hootsuite didn’t offer integration with Instagram but that all changed back in 2015. Social media managers everywhere rejoiced when Hootsuite for Instagram was launched.

As with other social media scheduling tools, it doesn’t actually post to Instagram for you, but it does allow you to line up your posts ready to go. It will then send you a notification to the set mobile devices when it is time to post.



Plann is the new kid on the block when it comes to Instagram scheduling. Developed by Sydney native Christy Laurence and launched in 2016, it’s helping thousands of businesses to get to grips with creating gorgeous Instagram feeds at the swipe of a finger.

Plann is one of the most visually appealing apps we have come across, and when you think about the purpose of the app, it fits perfectly with its ethos. Plann allows you to upload multiple images and integrates with your feed so you can get a clear visual idea of what your posts will look like on your feed once posted. You then drag and drop them until you’re happy with the layout of your posts and set times and dates for posting along with your caption.

Works through push notification when it is time to post. But you can also save blocks of hashtags which you regularly use and copy and paste these over as well, which is a pretty cool bonus feature.

Costs for Plann start from free (for one account and 10 posts per month) up to US$9 per month for unlimited accounts, unlimited posts, unlimited hashtag sets and more. This is really reasonable compared to some other Instagram schedulers which makes it perfect for smaller businesses and individuals.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an Instagram schedule toll directed towards agencies that manage multi-client content or corporations that have several Instagram presences. Like other apps it allows you to engage and track analytics.

The pricing ranges between premium, corporate and enterprise plan with specific levels of use and features for each plan.



Later allows bulk uploads of images so you can upload multiple images at one time. It categorises your media as used and unused so you know which ones have been posted before.

To schedule them, you simply drag and drop the image onto the calendar at the date and time you want the post to go out. Next, you can crop the image if required, add your caption and hashtags and it’s ready to go. If you want to change the time or day, you simply drag and drop around the calendar. Posts can be scheduled down to the nearest 5 minutes.

You can then preview what your feed will look like once all your scheduled posts are live.


What tool do you use to schedule your Instagram posts? We’d love to know in the comments.


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