How To Share a Pin

Pinterest is an online pin board used for collecting images and videos and users interact with each other through liking, commenting and re-pinning each other’s photos and videos.

Some of the more popular pins are used to express inspiration, get ideas for design and view different types of food people eat.

Pinterest does really have a great selection of images to look at. It is one of the best social media channels to promote photos, especially with most of them created with a decent software editing program.


Here is how to share a pin on Pinterest

Step 1: Find a pin you wish to share.

We will use the picture on the right today.



Step 2: Click on that image or video and you will be taken to that pins page.


Step 3: On the top right-hand corner of the pin, there will be two options. Send and Save.

Hit the Send button.



Step 4: A submenu will appear with 6 options to use.



Step 5: Click on the corresponding icon that you wish to share the pin to.

  • The first icon is to share it to Facebook.
  • The second icon is to share it to Twitter.
  • The third icon is to share it to Facebook Messenger.
  • The fourth icon is to share it to WhatsApp.
  • The last icon is to share it as a link. You will be given the option to copy the URL so you can paste it elsewhere.

You have another option to send it via e-mail and that is the option below the line.


Step 6: Once you click on the icon, it will take you to that social media channel’s page for you to sign in and share the pin.


We hope that you have a better understanding on how to share pins to social media!

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