5 Reasons To Switch To HTTPS

If you’re serious about working on your SEO for your website, you’ve probably come across debates about switching your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

It can seem like a daunting and technical thing to do, but in reality it’s actually quite simple.

If you’ve been umming and aahing about switching to a secure domain, here are 5 reasons to switch to HTTPS sooner rather than later.

1. Improve Your SEO

There is no doubt that having a secure website is favoured by search engines like Google and Bing. As long ago as 2014, Google called for websites to become more secure and implement HTTPS to make browsing safer for all users. It has been confirmed by Google that having HTTPS is one of their ranking signals so getting switched to a secure site is crucial these days if you take your SEO seriously.

2. Secure Your Website

Having a secure website reduces the risk that your website will become a victim to online hackers and keeps all data on your website, as well as any data collected from users such as names and email addresses, safe and secure.

3. AMP Requires SSL

AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, have been a bit of a buzzword lately when it comes to digital marketing. Implementing AMP makes it easier for your content to load quickly on mobile devices but they do require an SSL certificate in order to be used. So if ranking well on mobile search is a priority for you, get your HTTPS now.

4. Increase Conversions

There have been studies done that show users are more likely to convert on websites which are secure. Whether it’s making a purchase, or simply sending an enquiry form to the business, having that security certificate will make users much more comfortable to do take the action you want them to.

5. Consumer Confidence

Part of marketing and branding is increasing consumer confidence and allowing them to trust you before they decide to buy from you. When they search online and see your site is secure, that gives them confidence to click through to your website.

Google have recently also started showing warning messages to users when they click on unsecure websites, both in search results and in Gmail accounts. When users get a warning directly from Google not to click on a link, it may well put them off proceeding and you may start to see a drop in traffic. This is not what you want – so get that HTTPS sorted now!

Most hosting companies will add an SSL certificate to your website within minutes – it does cost extra (most are around $70-100 per year per domain) but when you consider what impact a drop in your business may have if people are not clicking on your website, it’s a small price to pay.