Top 5 SEO Trends to Outshine the Rest in 2016

SEO helps you stand out on the web and drive traffic to your site. When done right, it can also catapult your organisation to stardom within your industry. Strategic use of the most current SEO tactics will help your business thrive and attract attention to your enterprise. After all, it is a fact that search is the leading driver of traffic.

The key to successful SEO is staying current. Search engine optimisation best practices are constantly evolving. The only thing digital marketing experts can count on is change. To make the best of SEO, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the leading techniques. Turn your internet beacon on and get ready for a boost in web traffic. From SEO Perth-based experts, here are the trends powerful enough to be called the best.

1. Voice Search Friendly

Thanks to digital assistants like Siri and Cortana, there’s been a shift in the digital marketing landscape. This has impacted the way in which SEO experts construct keyword phrases. In May, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that a fifth of all mobile queries are voice searches. As mobile usage is only going to keep rising, the voice trend is set to play a bigger role in how search engine optimisation techniques develop.

How should you accommodate voice search into your SEO strategy? Make your content more conversational, using keyword phrases that reflect how people actually talk. For example, SEO targeted keywords related to Perth such as ‘great coffee shops in Perth’ would beat ‘coffee shops Perth’ in the SERPS. Voice searches typically contain more words. So embrace those long-tail keywords to improve your SEO strategy in 2016.


2. Longer and More Engaging Content

The days of keyword stuffing have been over for a few years now. Engaging, intelligent storytelling is the flavour of the neo-SEO era. For 2016, you’re going to have to up the ante even more. Focus on crafting ultra, high-quality, original, and informative content. And, make it longer. The average post lengths have gone from 550 words in 2014 to 1,400 words in 2016.

Experts still agree that there is no magic word count for SEO purposes. That said, many digital marketers have found longer content packs more of a punch. Natural, unique, and fresh is always preferred by Google. So varying content length and content can go a long way towards optimising your site. Try using long, interesting articles, informative white papers, with thoughtful graphics and video.


3. High Quality Social

Make your social engagements as interesting, thoughtful and informative as your site content. The use of social media for SEO purposes was a blossoming trend over the past couple of years. Now, it is time to get more sophisticated. Consistent, relevant and original social media posts will have a two-pronged beneficial effect. You’ll entice more users and attract positive attention from Google with any shares, likes and comments.


4. Creative Video

Like social, video has been grown increasingly sophisticated, and more necessary. It provides the digital marketing world with a set of visual tools to catch attention and share information.

In 2016, video content has become a vital part of any SEO strategy. Google features video content in search results, with 50 percent better organic page rank results than text alone. There are several apps, like Vine and Snapchat, that make it easy for you to share your message with video.  Just make sure that you transcribe the content so that Google can read it – this allows them to index and rank it accordingly.

5. Unique Images

Images are great for SEO, providing an opportunity to insert a keyword in the photo’s tagline. They also make content more appealing, and images themselves can tell a story. In 2016, the trend is not just to upload a photo, but to use unique, high-quality images. The same image is often used across the web dozens, or even hundreds of times. Using original, captivating images will make your site more attractive and boost your rankings.  Also always remember to give your image a relevant file name and alt tag when uploading and scale the size to fit in the allocated space – it will only increase load time if the image is too large or will look grainy if it’s too small.

Have you noticed the overall theme with 2016 SEO trends? It is making everything better. Content should be more sophisticated, engaging, interesting, and of value for your audience. Start with this intention, to commit to great content that benefits your audience. Implementing expert SEO strategies comes second. This is a foolproof formula to ensure your web presence shines and your business excels.

Kate Black
Kate Black is an online marketing account manager who writes for White Chalk Road, a Perth based SEO & Online Marketing company.  Kate can help improve your company’s ROI through strategic online marketing. You can connect with Kate on LinkedIn or Google +