How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Conducting a social media audit is an efficient way to understand what is and what isn’t working for your brand online.

A social media audit lets you better discover your online presence and review the consistency of all social profiles. It also lets us see how your overall goals are aligned with your social media strategy.

We’ve broken the process for a social media audit into 5 primary categories:

Social Media Checklist

These are a few things we think you should check off before doing any sort of social media post.

This short and quick checklist will help make you a better social media manager.

By answering a few simple questions before you post content, you can save yourself an embarrassing PR blunder!

Download our Social Media Checklist and never make a mistake when posting content again!

Digital Marketing Self-Audit Checklist

Our Digital Marketing Self-Audit Checklist is designed to hold you accountable for yourself and for your brand.

Our free checklist focuses on 3 main aspects:

  • Routine checks
  • Marketing materials checklist
  • Getting to know you

The routine checks include daily checks, weekly checks, monthly checks and much more.

Download our free Digital Marketing Self-Audit Checklist to help make you a better social media marketer!

Content Strategy Audit

The heart of social media is content. Without quality content, social media has little appeal. It’s paramount that brands and businesses understand what type(s) of content they should provide to their customers to achieve the reach and engagement they’re looking for.

There are three main reasons people use social media:

  • To be informed
  • To be entertained
  • To be connected

To decide which type of content you want to produce, you need to have a solid understanding of your audience. You want to identify which type of content resonates the most with your audience and offers your audience the most value. In this way, your audience is more likely to interact with you on that piece of content.

Before you jump into content creation, you’ll need to first understand what type of content resonates the most with your audience and on which social media channels. This requires you to conduct a content audit.

Download our audit to learn more about content strategy and discover what content you should be posting to your followers!

Instagram Content Audit

Did you know that 36% of Australians use Instagram? It’s one of the fastest growing platforms for brands, so the time is now to conduct your Instagram Content Audit.

Our free template focuses on 3 main aspects of your Instagram account:

  • Bio
  • Style
  • Content

We also dive into your top performing and worst performing content. The better understanding you have about a top performing piece of content, the better chance you have of replicating that success.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on Instagram, it’s always a good idea to do an audit. Click here to learn more about our Instagram Audit!

Facebook Content Audit

There is more than 70 million business pages on Facebook! One way to cut through the noise is to make sure your Facebook page is optimised for your followers. Our free template focuses on 3 main aspects of your Facebook account:

  • Getting started
  • Bio
  • Content

We also help you answer questions about your customers and how you can help solve some of their problems. Download our Facebook Content Audit now to help grow your account on the biggest social media platform in the world!

Pinterest Content Audit

With so much content out there, it can be difficult to cut through on Pinterest. That task is made even harder if you haven’t planned, optimised, and actually thought about your content. Our free template focuses on 3 main aspects of your Pinterest account:

  • Getting started
  • Bio
  • Content

We also take a look at your best/worst performing pins and help you plan some new content. Download our Pinterest Content Audit now to help attract customers, increase traffic, and convert more often.