MUST KNOW STATS // Video in 2017

SMPerth // 05th April 2017

Video is everywhere, consumers love it and are latching on to it anywhere they can get it.

Video is the “big thing” for 2017.

But gone are the days of reliance on YouTube for our video fix. Facebook and Instagram have started 2017 with a bang with the addition of ‘stories’ and live video. Marketers are not far behind with video content being produced to deliver brand messages on more and more of our favourite social media platforms.

So how does that fare with that actual stats? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of online video statistics and how they relate to marketers and consumers in social media.

The viewers

• 100 million internet users watch video every day
• Cisco has predicted that by 2020, video online will account for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic.
• 43% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.
• One in two YouTube subscribers aged 18-34 will stop what they’re doing to watch a new video by their favourite creator.
• Millenials watch 47% less TV than adults 35+.
• In one month 45% of internet users will view at least one online video.

The marketers

• 1 in 4 marketers and small business owners feel behind on video marketing.
• More than 60% of marketers plan to increase their investment in video marketing in 2017.
• 83% of content marketers would like to be creating more video f if they had no time, budget and resource constraints, followed by blog posts(57%) and live video(42%).
• Lack of time is the number one reason marketers give for not creating more video content.
• Only 26% of marketers have broadcast a ‘live’ video
• 34% of B2C marketers say pre-produced video will be critical to content marketing success in 2017.

The platforms

• There are more than 200 million broadcasts on Periscope.
• 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day.
• Facebook users watch 8 billion videos per day; SnapChat users watch 10 billion.
• Facebook Live was the most popular platform to broadcast video (73%) followed by Periscope (44%) and YouTube (20%)
• 30% of marketers plan to add Facebook Video to their marketing in 2017
• Only 29% of marketers have created SnapChat and Instagram stories
• Video of a live event on Twitter increases brand favourability by 63%

The devices

• 85% of adults use multiple devices at the same time
• More than 50% of videos are played on mobile devices
• Videos under five minutes in length account for 55% of total video consumption time on smartphones.
• 93% of video views on Twitter are mobile
• Shoppers on mobile devices are 300% more likely to view a video than laptops and desktop users.


• 55% of people pay the most attention to video out of all content.
• 92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others.
• Social video generates 1200 percent more shares than text and images combined.
• Including video in emails can increase click-through rates up to 300%
• Consumers are four times more likely to watch a video for a product than read about it.
• Video posts on Facebook receive 135% higher organic reach than posts with photos.
• Advertisers on prime-time broadcast TV could have reached 56% more 18-49yr olds by also advertising on YouTube.
• Videos are 6 times more likely to be retweeted than photos.

Lead generation

• 1 in 3 millennials have purchased a product as a result of watching a ‘how to video’
• After watching a live video, 67% of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event.
• 73% of B2B organisations that have used video marketing reported positive ROI
• Poor quality video causes 23% of people to hesitate purchasing from a brand
• 70% of marketers say video produces more conversions than any other content

With the introduction of video to so many of our favourite social platforms, and the popularity with consumers it is definitely time to seize the opportunity to get your brand under their noses before the algorithms change and we are paying to get seen. How will be using video for your marketing in 2017?



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