Facebook hit with class action lawsuit over collection of texts and call logs

Plaintiffs claim social network’s ‘scraping’ of information including call recipients and duration violates privacy and competition law

Three quarters of Android apps track users with third party tools – study

Yale University’s Privacy Lab using research to call on developers and Google ‘for increased transparency into privacy and security practice’

5 video editing apps for digital marketers on a budget

With the advancements of mobile apps there has never been an easier or cheaper way to create high-quality, professional videos for your business.

15 apps to power up your productivity

If your working day is being ruined by distractions or admin errors, try these apps to improve your focus, time management and output

Amazon and Google fight crucial battle over voice recognition

The retail giant has a threatening lead over its rival with the Echo and Alexa, as questions remain over how the search engine can turn voice technology into revenue

Google is trying to stop you having to put in passwords

New open source project hopes to remove burden of remembering passwords and instantly log you into apps on Android, with plans to roll out across every platform

20 of the best Android apps and games this month

Among the best new apps for Android smartphones and tablets of June 2016 are Detour, RunGo, Lost Frontier, Rodeo Stampede and BitTorrent Now

Nougat: Google’s new Android name divides opinion

Crowdsourced name for Android version 7 upsets some, but Nougat is here to stay after Google unveils name and statue

Facebook will delete your backed-up photos if you don’t install Moments app

Social network attempts to convince users to install its new photo-sharing app by threatening to remove all photos synced from the Facebook app

Five of the best brain-training apps

Lumosity, Peak, Elevate, Fit Brains Trainer and Cognito are trying to help Android and iOS users keep their grey cells supple with daily workouts

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