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Turnbull would ‘love to see’ Facebook’s Zuckerberg face Australian MPs

Intelligence committee wants to know what data was shared with Chinese firms and why

Fitness apps found to make almost no difference to users’ health

Researchers studied a range of apps and found only one was effective, while others failed to spark improvements or made the problem worse

Google tells Australian regulator it is not contributing to ‘the death of journalism’

In a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiry into the impact on media from digital platforms, Google says the internet has made news more diverse, specialised and accessible, and traditional media is adapting.

Snapchat update: more than 800,000 angry users sign petition to change redesign

In backlash against latest update, users of the social app call on Snap Inc to change back to original design

Monetising millennials: what the corporate world thinks it knows about young people

At Sydney’s Millennial 20/20 conference the wifi password is SmashedAvo and the attitude is predatory infantilisation

Under the skin: how insertable microchips could unlock the future

Volunteers in Melbourne have had microchips inserted for three months, designed to unlock doors and carry out other tasks. Will they really be any use?

Here’s how Twitter should do longer text, and it doesn’t take 280 characters

Give the people what they want: my pitch for how Twitter should host lengthy contributions without sacrificing brevity

Twitter users respond to #280characters rollout: ‘All we wanted was an edit button’

All users now get twice as many characters per tweet, and it’s fair to say the response has been mixed

Cyber fraud a growing risk to Australia’s financial markets, report finds

Austrac, the federal government’s financial intelligence agency, says foreign crime syndicates are also manipulating markets and laundering money

Australia’s plan to force tech giants to give up encrypted messages may not add up

Malcolm Turnbull says the ‘law of Australia’ will prevail over the ‘laws of mathematics’ in new legislation on encryption. But he is on shaky ground

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