Australian politics

Turnbull would ‘love to see’ Facebook’s Zuckerberg face Australian MPs

Intelligence committee wants to know what data was shared with Chinese firms and why

Cyber fraud a growing risk to Australia’s financial markets, report finds

Austrac, the federal government’s financial intelligence agency, says foreign crime syndicates are also manipulating markets and laundering money

Australia’s plan to force tech giants to give up encrypted messages may not add up

Malcolm Turnbull says the ‘law of Australia’ will prevail over the ‘laws of mathematics’ in new legislation on encryption. But he is on shaky ground

Arthur Sinodinos to warn Australia risks being ‘overwhelmed’ by digital disruption

Innovation minister will use Science meets Parliament event to rebut Atlassian cofounder’s criticisms of Turnbull government

A PR stunt mixing beer, politics, gay rights and religion: what could possibly go wrong?

A week ago the Australian brewer Coopers was delighted to unveil a beer for the Bible Society. But after the ‘public relations disaster of 2017’ it is counting the cost of an embarrassing and potentially expensive backlash

And the star of the election’s Facebook face-off is … angry face

Streaming the leaders’ debate would make it ‘fun’, organisers suggested. But the prevailing sentiment of the online audience was fury

Senate committee recommends the criminalisation of revenge porn

Anyone who takes intimate images without consent, or shares them or publishes them online, could be prosecuted if the recommendations are adopted

Navy confirms it deleted @navyislamic Twitter account after rightwing backlash

Defence department backtracks on earlier statement that Captain Mona Shindy’s account was deleted as part of a social media consolidation strategy.

Budget confirms 30 multinationals face tax avoidance crackdown

Joe Hockey to sign Australia up to international standards coming into force in 2016, and confirmed the ‘Netflix tax’ on cross-border digital products

Uber lashes out at ATO ruling, saying it deserves different tax treatment to taxis

ATO puts Uber in the same class as taxis under GST laws, deeming the ride-sourcing service to be different from other sharing economy participants

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