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Social Media Statistics Australia – August 2017

Facebook now has 12 million Australians logging in every day, which certainly cements their spot as dominant social media platform.

Social Media Statistics Australia – July 2017

Today we post our monthly social media statistics report – showing the most popular social networks sites in Australia over July 2017.

Must Know Stats // Snapchat 2017

Snapchat is seen as a valuable place for marketers wanting to reach millennials and influence them in years to come.

Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2017

As we come into winter, we see a slight seasonal shift in social media use – as many of us don’t go on holidays like summer-time.

100+ Must Know Social Media Statistics for 2017

We love stats, especially when they’re about social media!

Social Media Statistics Australia – May 2017

As we come into the winter months we do see a slight seasonal shift in social media use. Not so many holidays on the beach or outdoors as we stay at work and take a less amount of time off to enjoy social activities.

50 Must-Know Australian Social Media Facts for 2016

Did you know Facebook native videos receive almost 70% more reach and double the engagement of YouTube links? 50 must-know Australian social media facts!