‘Is our life just worth a photo?’: the tragic death of a couple in Yosemite

More than 10,000 Instagram fans followed Meenakshi Moorthy and Vishnu Viswanath’s travels. But their mysterious death raises concerns about selfie culture

8 Podcasts You Need to Check Out

If you are a budding digital marketer trying to increase your knowledge, sometimes reading copious amounts of text on a computer screen can tire you out. If that’s the case, why not mix it up and get hooked on a podcast that will be sure to expand your wealth of social media information.

Twitter reports profit for second quarter in a row and adds 6m new users

Company posts first-quarter profit of $61m on revenues of $665m, comfortably ahead of analysts’ expectations

You can buy anything on the black market – including Twitter handles

The perfect @ identity is a must-have accessory for big companies and brand-conscious celebrities – at any cost

Inside Britain’s meme factory

If you think things go viral on the internet by luck, think again: there’s an industry gaming the system and Manchester’s Social Chain is leading the way

#Hashtag10: the best hashtag fails in a decade

The ‘funny little hack’ started a decade ago with #barcamp, and now 125m of them are shared daily on Twitter alone – but not without a few misfires

Trash talk: how Twitter is shaping the new politics

A revolution in politics is under way, and it is being fought 140 characters at a time. Gaby Hinsliff reports on how Twitter is fuelling a political race to the bottom

Lonelygirl15: how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet

Bree was a funny, friendly 16-year-old video blogger with a strange family. But all was not what it seemed. Ten years on, we revisit YouTube’s first viral sensation

Improve Your Blog Audience for 2016: How to Get More Shares for Your Posts

Tired of spending time, money and energy on great content on your website only for it to be left languishing lonely on your blog?

Why Twitter would be right to expand to 10,000 characters – in 10,000 characters

Would a new character limit be good news for open debate on Twitter – or would the end of brevity just be an excuse for more ads?

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