Cambridge Analytica

Venue Profile: Henry Summer

Henry Summer is an urban cocktail and wine garden located in the heart of Northbridge. Seasons may change, but here it is always summer.

What should be done with Facebook – break it up, or regulate it?

A consensus says that something must be done with the all-powerful tech platforms. But how far do governments go?

Trust in Facebook is damaged, says Perth’s social media community

Three out of four members of Perth’s social and digital community Social Media Perth believe Facebook will experience a loss of users over the rolling data privacy scandal.

WhatsApp co-founder joins call to #DeleteFacebook as fallout intensifies

Brian Acton adds his voice to Cambridge Analytica backlash, as US agency said to be investigating social network’s mishandling of data

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Cambridge Analytica: search of London HQ delayed by wait for warrant

Information commissioner’s office says high court adjourned hearing into request for urgent warrant to enter offices over data row

How Cambridge Analytica turned Facebook ‘likes’ into a lucrative political tool

The algorithm used in the Facebook data breach trawled though personal data for information on sexual orientation, race, gender – and even intelligence and childhood trauma

Social networks may have to reveal how they target users with ads

Information commissioner calls for more transparency over how individuals’ data is used for political ends