So who put the cyber into cybersex?

Today we have cybercafes and cyberwars, but cybernetics – the term that launched a dozen prefixes – has been lost. In a new book, Thomas Rid aims to reconnect ‘cyber’ to its original idea of man-machine symbiosis

Using Wi-Fi in Airbnb rentals poses security threat, researchers say

Threat posed by short-term rentals has always been high, but security researcher says it should now be considered one of the biggest risks of traveling

Islamic State Twitter accounts get a rainbow makeover from Anonymous hackers

Social media accounts associated with the group got an LGBT-friendly makeover courtesy of WachulaGhost

Facebook scammers: expert advice on how to stay safe

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has worked hard to fend off scammers, but they keep on coming with the hope of defrauding some of its 1.5bn users

Breakfast brainstorms and dirty dishes: inside an entrepreneurs’ houseshare

Whether it’s 12 strangers in a two-bed flat or friends sharing ideas over a cup of tea, living with other business owners can be a route to success

Are we too lazy to protect our online privacy and security?

Is there a pandemic of social media pranks? Is it symptomatic of a larger problem of poorly secured accounts & a lack of education when it comes to privacy?

iPhone text message bug can crash Apple Watch, iPad and Mac too

Bug in Apple’s Messages that allows anyone to crash someone’s iPhone with a text can also affect an Apple Watch, iPad or Mac