Hannah Jane Parkinson

Eight of the most pointless emojis, from ? to ?

We love emojis and all the possibilities of this visual language. But who would ever need to send a person a push-pin or a large orange diamond?

Google translates Russia to ‘Mordor’ and minister’s name to ‘sad little horse’

Language translation tool error converting ‘Russian Federation’ in Ukrainian to fictional dark land from Lord of the Rings down to automatic bug, says company

How to explain tech to your parents in five easy steps

The incredible frustration of teaching your mum and dad how to connect to Wi-Fi can result in family slanging matches. But fear not, we are to here to help …

10 awesome internet hacks to make your life better

The internet. Probably the best invention ever (with apologies to the wheel). But are you using it efficiently? Here are ten ways to improve the experience

Twitter, Skype, Amazon: why does the internet keep breaking?

Big internet names have been cutting out and dropping off in the last week. Why are they playing with us in this way?

Live grenades, bull chases and clifftops: people are dying to take selfies

As the death toll for selfie-related incidents grows ever higher – including animal attacks and weapons misfiring – why are people risking their lives for likes?

Google wants to count the calories in your Instagram food porn

Artificial intelligence technology Im2Calories aims to identify pictures of food posted to Instagram, and tell users the calorie count of their meals

Pinterest introduces ‘buyable pins’ allowing direct product purchase

Social photo-sharing service moves into e-commerce, creating option for users to browse items by price and colour – and purchase with a click