How to // Share an IGTV video

IGTV is an amazing resource for curating content – but how do you share those videos with your followers?

Is Instagram listening in on our face to face conversations?

Whether they’ve been discussing laptops, flights or teapots, they’ve assured me that they have seen targeted ads on Instagram shortly afterwards.

Final 2018 Dates // Get your learn on with an #SMPerthMasterclass

It’s time to get your learn on! Let’s take a look at the hot topics in social media and digital marketing at one of our workshops & masterclasses.

How To // Add Links To Your Instagram Story

Adding a link to your Instagram Story means that with a simple swipe you can take your audience from a casual social scroll to direct interaction with your blog, promotion or product.

Instagram is supposed to be friendly. So why is it making people so miserable?

For a growing number of users and mental health experts, the positivity of Instagram is precisely the problem, with its relentless emphasis on promoting ‘perfect’ lifestyles. Should everyone just stop scrolling?

How To // Share Instagram Stories

A few months ago, Instagram introduced two new sharing features.The new updates allow users to share other people’s posts to their own stories easily.

The Evolution of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has come a long way from its humble beginnings back in August 2016.

What is user-generated content and how can brands use it

With organic reach declining, brands are quickly catching onto user-generated content as part of their social media strategy!

Should you put Instagram Hashtags in the Caption, or in the Comments?

The inclusion of hashtags into user’s feeds allows brands to significantly increase their organic reach. But where to put the Instagram hashtags?

Which Social Media Platform Should You Be Using – Part One

While businesses understand the value of having a social media presence, are they using the right platform to achieve their marketing objectives?

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