intern-al issues

Is Instagram listening in on our face to face conversations?

Whether they’ve been discussing laptops, flights or teapots, they’ve assured me that they have seen targeted ads on Instagram shortly afterwards.

Artificial Humans – question everything when it comes to influence

Meet Miquela Sousa, a model, singer, activist and Instagram ‘it-girl’. Oh and did I also mention that she’s entirely computer generated?

Is Digital the New Business Card?

VHS is now replaced with Netflix, photo albums with Facebook and doctors with WebMD (kidding!) But this got me thinking, is the good ole business card the next thing to go?

Under the Influence

It has been in all over the news – the Aussie Government slammed for using social influencers for a health campaign. Was it wrong? Parts of it, yes.

Can We Trust Facebook Privacy Anymore?

There has been a lot of attention and a massive spotlight aimed at the company due to privacy concerns recently and problems keep arising for the company.

Instagram, The New YouTube?

Technology is rapidly evolving all of the time and brands are constantly trying to keep up. YouTube has been the king of video content for so long, but is it time to pass the mantle over to a new and updated social media channel?  Do you use Instagram to share what you had for lunch? […]

Virtual Reality, Our Future Reality?

The use of Virtual Reality in our daily lives has already begun with gaming but I think it has the potential to revolutionise the way we communicate, use social media, travel, train staff, entertain, design and even date too.

Instagram, or should I say – Facebook?

I have begun to notice many similarities between Instagram and Facebook that begs me to ask – Is Instagram becoming Facebook?

Social Media Warnings

Do we really know what smartphones and social media are doing to us? This question has been gaining traction recently. Perhaps the question should be rephrased to – ‘do we really care what smartphones and social media is doing to us’?

Make Facebook great again

Lately, social media has been under a bit of heat. The pressure is mounting for platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to moderate their content and be held accountable for what their users post.

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