The iPhone doesn’t fall far from the tree

The iPhone – the beautiful apple tree from the garden of Eden. For many years none could compare; it existed in a league of its own. But lately I’ve noticed the beautiful apple tree we’ve adored for so many years has begun to rot. With Apple recently admitting that its software slows your iPhone down […]

Apple pushes organ donor registration for US iPhone users

Organ donation? There’ll soon be an app for that, after Tim Cook cites Steve Jobs’ ‘excruciating’ wait for a liver transplant in 2009 as inspiration for Health update

20 of the best iPhone and iPad apps and games this month

New iOS apps of June 2016 include Motion Stills, Splash – 360 Video Camera, Live.ly, Rodeo Stampede, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 and Human Resource Machine

20 of the best iPhone and iPad apps and games this month

New iOS apps of May 2016 include Relay, Opera VPN and Spaces, and games include Bushido Bear, Hungry Shark World and GodFinger 2

Five of the best brain-training apps

Lumosity, Peak, Elevate, Fit Brains Trainer and Cognito are trying to help Android and iOS users keep their grey cells supple with daily workouts

How I quit my smartphone addiction and really started living

I don’t like being bothered or bossed around. I hated that anyone, for any reason, could interrupt my life, and I could interrupt my life just the same.

Ignore the haters: Wi-Fi Assist is the best new feature in iOS 9

The setting is the whipping boy of the new operating system. But iPhone users should give it a go before writing it off

Facebook launches gif-style video profile pictures

New profile videos let you ‘show a part of yourself you couldn’t before’, says social media company

Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus review roundup: stronger, faster, heavier

They can shoot Live Photos, have pressure-sensitive screens, an always-listening Siri, and faster fingerprint sensors, but look identical to last year’s models

Apple’s encryption means it can’t comply with US court order

FBI criticises firm for being unable to read iPhone users’ messages after Justice Department obtains iMessage ruling

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