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#SMPerthSOS HIGHLIGHTS // Keynote from James Gilbert, Hubspot [VIDEO]

HubSpot’s James Gilbert joined us at State of Social to discuss all things innovation.Here’s a highlight of what he had to say at #SMPerthSOS

State of Social // The Video Version

Covering 3 of the hottest topics the industry is currently facing, we exchanged insights relating to innovations and trends in digital marketing.

James Gilbert (Hubspot) speaking at State of Social

James Gilbert, Hubspot’s Marketing Director in APAC says speed, convenience and the rise of artificial intelligence are driving innovation.

Embracing emerging technologies as we enter “age of convenience”

As we enter an age of convenience, emerging technologies will play a pivotal role in how businesses communicate with existing and prospective customers, according to HubSpot APAC Marketing Director James Gilbert.

6 Things you will learn at State of Social

 If you are thinking of attending State of Social, and why wouldn’t you be, here are six things you will learn…

HubSpot’s James Gilbert to join State of Social

We are delighted to announce HubSpot’s James Gilbert will be joining State of Social. Through his keynote on Innovation, he’ll be taking a look into the future – speed, convenience, and the rise of AI in sales and marketing.