Top 10 Global and Australian Twitter Users // January 2018

There was only one position change in the Global top 10, and that was Ronaldo.

Top Instagram 10 Users // January 2018

What will the year bring, will we see new faces in the top 10?   

Top 10 Global & Australian Twitter Users // January 2017

The end of January saw Obama leave the White House and the Presidency behind, but at least when it came to Twitter he certainly got the last laugh.

Top 10 Instagram Users // January 2017

Our favourite Grammers all kept their positions this month, but a little birdy tells us a young pop star is returning to shake up 2017!

Social Media Statistics Australia – January 2017

Selfies at the beach, photos with family and friends and getting outdoors gives us plenty of reason to post more content to social media sites.

Social Media Statistics Australia – January 2016

Today we post our first report with 2016 numbers and as predicted we’ve seen an important increase from Facebook.

The 10 Most Popular People on #Twitter

Here’s the latest look at Twitter’s 10 most-popular users as at 31 January 2015.

Social Media Statistics Australia – January 2015

Typically over the summer holiday months in Australia we see users turn away from typical business social networking and we see more leisure based updates.

Sponsor Profile: Monstrositea

A tea subscription box for explorers and adventurers

Social Media Statistics – January 2014

These are the Australian social media statistics for January 2014 – showing the most popular social networks Australians are currently using.