Jemima Kiss

Google News introduces fact check feature – just in time for US election

Launched today, fact check will now appear as a label among news search results alongside other labels such as opinion, local source and highly cited

Facebook could face extra $5bn tax bill after US investigation

IRS has been exploring how the tech company transferred assets to Ireland and whether it deliberately tried to minimize the tax it paid in the US

Beyond email: could startup Slack change the way you work?

Two million people are already using Slack to chat, send emojis and encourage creativity at work. Nasa and Harvard are on board – will your company be next?

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom: ‘We’re working on time travel’

It began just five years ago, with a photo of a dog and his girlfriend’s foot. Now Instagram has outstripped Twitter, with 400 million users. But is there life beyond selfies and sunsets?

Welcome to Jun, the town that ditched bureaucracy to run on Twitter

Residents of the Spanish town use Twitter for everything from reporting crimes to booking doctor’s appointments. Is this the future of local government?

Twitter could be so much more than just a Facebook rival

As chief Dick Costolo departs, investors must stop pushing Twitter to be the next big social media network and focus on its simple strengths