John Naughton

As recent US atrocities show, the internet is enabling far-right conspiracies and attacks

Social media echo chambers have become a breeding ground for antisemitic and racist activity

Tim Wu: ‘The internet is like the classic story of the party that went sour’

The influential tech thinker has charted the history of the attention industry: enterprises that harvest our attention to sell to advertisers. The internet, he argues, is the latest communications tool to have fallen under its spell

So who put the cyber into cybersex?

Today we have cybercafes and cyberwars, but cybernetics – the term that launched a dozen prefixes – has been lost. In a new book, Thomas Rid aims to reconnect ‘cyber’ to its original idea of man-machine symbiosis

Will we ever really talk with the machines?

As the era of true artificial intelligence draws closer, the problem of a shared language rears its head