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#SMPerth November // The Video Version

What a night! It was our biggest #SMPerth yet and the start of something very special.

Facebook wants to organise my friends, but what if I don’t have any?

Facebook now suggests who we should be friends with, how we should organise them and when we should get together. What’s next?

OfficeWork’s #TrolleyGate – An Important Lesson In Social Media Marketing

Our favourite supplier of pens, notebooks and paper shredders taught me a valuable lesson about social media marketing over the past week. OfficeWorks, Australia’s leading office supply chain, found itself caught in the middle of what I am now dubbing #TrolleyGate, where customer Andrew Mitchell posted a creative narrative to the chain’s Facebook page conveying […]

Twitter’s Identity Crisis: News service or social network?

They say ‘the caged bird does not sing’. Twitter has set itself free from Facebook, Instagram etc. by re-categorising itself as a News app. Why, oh why?

On This Day we posted more on Facebook

Facebook often causes a stir whenever it changes something or introduces new features, but one thing that pretty much everyone in my News Feed loves is the On This Day feature.

Meerkat retreats: concedes not enough people want to live stream

Meerkat made its mark in the tech industry in a big way, and fast, causing some big players to come back swinging.

Pretty much no one is using Facebook Reactions, but I finally get it.

Who would have thought it was only a few weeks ago Facebook clicked the biggest Surprised face of all and unleashed Reactions on the world?

Reactions are here, but what if I liked Facebook’s world of slightly forced positivity?

The world as we know it changed. Facebook has unleashed its new Reactions feature on us all, so now everyone can instantly respond to posts with an array of emotions in place of the iconic thumbs up.

@Twitter, we liked you before you were cool.

Twitter is the social network everyone knows about, the one that many have tried, but only a few truly get.

Can’t post it online? Not worth it.

If I gave you the chance to go skydiving right now, free of charge, but you weren’t allowed to share the story with anyone, would you do it?

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