5 places to get background music for video [VIDEO]

When creating video for your social media platforms,it’s important to use the correct background music for your content and comply with all licenses.

Is Instagram The New Platform For Music?

Intern-al Issues is a fortnightly blog written by our Intern Tyson that looks at the latest issues and trends in digital marketing. Enjoy! Instagram has never been the main social media platform for sound – Spotify and iTunes have dominated the music market for years and years. It could all be about to change. As people struggle to […]

Is Spotify really worth $20bn?

Music service will soon have its IPO and investors think it can be as big as Netflix. Are they right?

10 Places to Get Background Music for Video

The time is now to start creating video for your social media platforms, but it is important to use the correct music for your content and comply with all licenses.

Are Spotify’s ‘fake artists’ any good?

The streaming giant has been accused of commissioning generic instrumental music to go on its hugely popular playlists – and save it millions in royalties.

Holiday downloads: what to put in your digital suitcase

We now spend more time deciding what to take with us on our tablets, phones and e-readers than we do packing our bags. Here’s how to organise your digital luggage

Things that rhyme with MailChimp: the most confusing ad campaign of 2017 so far

The email marketing company has launched FailChips, SnailPrimp and NailChamps – and even persuaded Dev Hynes to release a song as VeilHymn

New Year revolutions: four gadgets for a better you

Want to improve your fitness, sleep better or start making music this year? Our writers put the latest gadgets – and their New Year resolutions – to the test

Seven things we’ve learned from the first year of Apple Music

Changes ahead for streaming service as, with 15m paying subscribers, it continues the battle with rivals Spotify and YouTube

Which is the best music streaming service?

We compare Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Deezer and Amazon Prime Music to see which hit the right notes for your on-demand listening

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