Facebook wants to organise my friends, but what if I don’t have any?

Facebook now suggests who we should be friends with, how we should organise them and when we should get together. What’s next?

OfficeWork’s #TrolleyGate – An Important Lesson In Social Media Marketing

Our favourite supplier of pens, notebooks and paper shredders taught me a valuable lesson about social media marketing over the past week. OfficeWorks, Australia’s leading office supply chain, found itself caught in the middle of what I am now dubbing #TrolleyGate, where customer Andrew Mitchell posted a creative narrative to the chain’s Facebook page conveying […]

Update on the Continued Growth of Social Media

Recent figures reveal a behemoth that some may be surprised to learn is still growing and is as pervasive as ever. In 2016 its power is too great to ignore.

Twitter’s Identity Crisis: News service or social network?

They say ‘the caged bird does not sing’. Twitter has set itself free from Facebook, Instagram etc. by re-categorising itself as a News app. Why, oh why?

Innovation Blooms at St Catherine’s College, UWA

An exciting new collaboration between St Catherine’s College and Bloom, an incorporated not-for-profit founded in 2013, is achieving huge success in the student community.