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Take video games seriously! Yes, they’re fun, but they matter culturally too

Why do newspaper culture pages and serious radio and TV largely ignore the biggest entertainment medium in the world?

The superhero of artificial intelligence: can this genius keep it in check?

With his company DeepMind, Londoner Demis Hassabis is leading Google’s project to build software more powerful than the human brain. But what will this mean for the future of humankind?

Trendspotting: the indie games that combine digital with physical

The latest trends, from Fabulous Beasts, the toys-to-life game of building blocks of animals, to Mecha Monsters, real-world battling robots that work with a digital game

Apps of the month: February 2016

The Observer’s apps reviewer recommends 10 apps and 10 mobile games he’s discovered this month, from Lonely Planet guides you can store offline to a game that allows you to run a newspaper

WeChat: want an app that lets you do everything at once?

China may be showing the way forward with its innovative messaging service

Brace yourself for a cyber-tsunami – the six biggest waves of change about to hit the world

Author Alec Ross looks at how robots, genomics and big data are going to change our lives forever

Apps of the month: January 2016

From a new cab app to rival Uber to Google’s Cardboard Camera, we present this month’s best apps and games

The social media style icons every advertiser wants a piece of

Social media stars are turning ‘likes’ into hard cash – and agents and advertisers are rushing to sign them up. Are these ‘influencers’ here to stay?

“Computers have completely transformed the musical landscape” – Metronomy and the state of digital music

As musicians tip-toeing playfully along the analogue/digital divide, Metronomy sum up pop music’s conflicted relationship with technology.