VIDEOS WE LOVE: The Vendor Client Relationship

I want the highlights, but I can only pay for the trim.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: You Are What You Share

Time to use another part of your brain.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Toyota Venza Commercial

I have 687 friends. This is living.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Coca-Cola Social Media Guard

This clever ad from Coca-Cola makes a bold statement about society’s addiction to social media and their mobile phones.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Pinsanity!

When Pinterest addiction goes a few steps too far!

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Meet Beatrice, the Offline Over-Sharer

Despite her best efforts, Beatrice just doesn’t quite understand how it all works.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Instagram Husband

This is one of our favourite viral videos to come out in a long time and is an excellent statement on the state of society today.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Esurance Monty Flap Happy Tweeting Commercial

Monty is a bit out of touch. He thinks that hurtling homing pigeons off the roof of his apartment building is equivalent to sending a tweet.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Social Media Revolution 2015

This is the video of videos when it comes to statistics in 2015.