Training & Workshops // 2017 Masterclass Schedule

Social Media Perth delivers workshops every year, attended by marketers and non-marketers alike, looking at real-world and industry specific application of digital trends.

The Top 3 Takeaways for Marketers from F8

At the recent F8 conference, a 10 year road map for Facebook was laid out with some major changes that marketers need to prepare themselves for.

I’ve put my event on Facebook. Now how do I make sure people actually come?

The instantaneous, impersonal nature of the platform means RSVPs remain about as binding as wet toilet paper.

MUST KNOW STATS // Video in 2017

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of online video statistics and how they relate to marketers and consumers in social media.

Facebook 101 // Offers

Every time you go on to Facebook there’s something being marketed to you, it’s become very much a consumer space as well as a social one.

Facebook Ads// Create Website Custom Audiences

Ultimately, customised audiences mean you’re serving up advertising messages direct to the people who are likely to be most receptive to them.

Playing by the Rules // Facebook Competitions and Promotions

Competitions on Facebook are a powerful tool, but failing to comply with the platform’s guidelines is a quick way to derail your page and your promotion.

Facebook 101 // Define Your Goals

Before you consider the “how”, you must first define the “why”: what is it that you want to achieve?

Facebook by numbers: 30 Interesting Stats

With earnings smashed and stocks soaring, now is a good time to have a look at some interesting stats about our favourite social media platform!

Facebook Engagement v Reach

Analytics. One of the most important pillars of social media. Do you understand what all the metrics mean?

HOW TO// Facebook Business Manager

Business Manager is a new, more secure tool for managing access to Pages and ad accounts, geared towards companies who need to give different permissions to lots of people.

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