Training & Workshops // 2017 Masterclass Schedule

Social Media Perth delivers workshops every year, attended by marketers and non-marketers alike, looking at real-world and industry specific application of digital trends.

Top 10 Instagram Users // March 2017

The Portuguese football player gained 3.63 million new followers during March and surpassed the pop idols and Hollywood entertainers in the Top 10 with the biggest increase of followers for the month.

MUST KNOW STATS // Video in 2017

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of online video statistics and how they relate to marketers and consumers in social media.

The Social Media Dictionary:
The Photography Edition

In creating graphics for websites and social media platforms we need to be able to talk the lingo with designers so that we get the results we want.

Top 10 Instagram Users // February 2017

Early in February, all records of post likes on Instagram were blown out of the water when Beyonce announced she is expecting twins.

Top 10 Instagram Users // January 2017

Our favourite Grammers all kept their positions this month, but a little birdy tells us a young pop star is returning to shake up 2017!

Top 10 Instagram Users // December 2016

Beyoncé snuck one more milestone into 2016 by crossing 90 million followers, while Instagram (the user) and Selena remain King and Queen of the platform!

Top 10 Instagram Users // November 2016

Instagram, the user, became the first account to cross 200 million followers this month, while Bieber continues his fall down the Top 10 chart.

Top 10 Instagram Users // October 2016

It was a photo finish between Ariana Grande and Beyoncé at the end of October, with Grande finishing ahead by just under 100k followers to secure spot #4!

Top 10 Instagram Users // September 2016

Justin begins his fall down the Instagram charts this month, moving from #7 to #8, while an old friend of his, Selena Gomez, finally cracked 100 million followers!

Top 10 Instagram Users // August 2016

Beyoncé moved up the chart to spot #4 this month, pushing Ms Grande to #5. Meanwhile Justin Bieber goes MIA and still manages to hold on to spot number 7!

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