Videos We Love: Just A Husband

The husbands are no longer self-proclaimed human selfie sticks and now their smartwatches are capable of taking all the photos necessary.

Videos We love: Daughter on Facebook

A little peculiar that only one child has printed photos, or so thinks the daughter in this clever video from Canon.

Videos We Love: This is a generic brand video

This clever video was made entirely with stock footage from Dissolve and pokes fun at promotional videos for big companies.

Videos We Love: The Offline Social Network

This video makes for some awkward responses and makes us think twice about the information Facebook has access to.

Videos We Love: The Process (a.k.a Designing the Stop Sign)

What if there were no stop signs, and a major corporation was charged with inventing one?

Videos We Love: Boxing Cats

Ying and Yang, tea and biscuits, sun and moon…. Cat videos and the Internet.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: If Google Was a Guy (Part 5)

Have you ever thought about how many dumb questions you’ve asked Google?

VIDEOS WE LOVE: The Vendor Client Relationship

I want the highlights, but I can only pay for the trim.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: You Are What You Share

Time to use another part of your brain.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Toyota Venza Commercial

I have 687 friends. This is living.

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