Using Social Media to Compliment Your Content

Content creation is a great way to grow interaction for both small businesses and larger companies.

Facebook Publishing: Are 3rd Party tools penalised?

Should we all be clambering to only use Facebook’s native scheduling tool or are 3rd party tools just as effective when it comes to Facebook publishing?

20 Tips For A Successful Facebook Contest

Running a Facebook contest seems to be something anyone thinks they can do, but there’s actually a lot to consider.

Social 101 // Post Length Perfection

To help you create social media posts that are the optimum length for engagement we’ve created the following guide to the perfect length of posts.

Facebook 101 // Analytics

If you are using Facebook Pages, it is absolutely essential to be keeping an eye on your Facebook stats using Facebook’s native analytics – Facebook Insights.

Facebook Ads // Boosting Posts 101

Facebook offers business pages a few different ways to advertise, the most simple way is to boost one of your posts.

Facebook 101 // Pages

First of all, you’ll need to create a business page…but erm, how exactly do you go about creating a business page on Facebook?

How to// Tagging Pages on Facebook

Tagging is a very simple process, and when done properly can have a positive effect on your online presence and increase your visibility.

The Top 3 Takeaways for Marketers from F8

At the recent F8 conference, a 10 year road map for Facebook was laid out with some major changes that marketers need to prepare themselves for.

I’ve put my event on Facebook. Now how do I make sure people actually come?

The instantaneous, impersonal nature of the platform means RSVPs remain about as binding as wet toilet paper.

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