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A Few Words: Have you ever wondered ‘why that person was asked to make comment in the Media?’  ‘Why did they get called upon to represent their industry?’  ‘Why are the same companies and people always asked to give their opinion?’  The answer is they are recognised Talent.

It’s a crowded and noisy media environment out there.  Newsrooms have got smaller and there’s more content than ever.  Media people are moving around more than ever before and have little time to form solid and meaningful relationships with experts.  The search for new and quality experts is limited to the time constraints and pressure on the media.  This is where Media Stable can help.

Media Stable is a directory of Australian Talent built for the Australian Media.  Our members are part of a specialist platform designed to put them ahead of their contemporaries – they are a collection of qualified and experienced professionals across a range of sectors.  Their knowledge, expertise and opinion are highly sought after by the media.

Media Stable is more than a communications consultant or PR supplier, it is a media partnership.

Media Stable provides a platform (Media Board) for content which is used by over 600 subscribed media personnel around the country.  The Media Board is a trusted, high quality content delivery service.  The Media Stable team understands what is attractive to the media and what isn’t.  That’s the difference – we present the story the way the media wants to receive it.

Members of Media Stable have the opportunity to:

  • Be the face and voice of their business and industry
  • Be recognised as the “go-to” expert in their field
  • Expand their profile and brand
  • Broaden their reputation and reach new audiences and networks

Some recent examples of success our members can be found by visiting the Media Stable website.

To qualify as a Media Stable expert, you must be a senior professional in your field who is keen to develop your profile and your business.  You need to be a good communicator who is willing to share your knowledge with others through the provision of engaging content and sound professional comment.

To discuss your opportunities in media, contact our Managing Director, Nic Hayes on 0415 064 413 or nic@mediastable.com.au

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