SMPerth Voice and Tone Guide

When we write content for our followers we need to be aware of our voice and tone.

This page explains the difference between voice and tone, and explains how each element applies to SMPerth.

So, whats the difference between voice and tone? Our voice remains the same, but our tone can change. Our tone, or the way we speak, can sound differently depending on who we talk to.

Your tone may sound one way when talking to a loved one, and another way when you’re talking to a work colleague.

The tone of voice can also change depending on our environment or emotional state. You would have a different tone of voice talking to someone who is stressed than talking to someone who is happy.

At SMPerth, our voice remains the same, but our tone can often change depending on the content we deliver.


At SMPerth, we understand that social media is constantly changing. We know the difficulties digital marketers face with ever-changing algorithms and platform updates.

That’s why we try to make life a little easier for businesses and deliver easy-to-read, educational resources tailored around social media and digital marketing.

We use a friendly, conversational voice that tries to simplify technical talk when possible.

SMPerth provides resources suitable for beginners to experts. Each word we say highlights our expertise, experience, and knowledge on the best social media practices.

We put all of this into practice when we write our copy:

  1. We keep it simple. We understand that many of our followers are small business owners that aren’t always aware of the latest social and digital jargon. We make technical talk easy to read for all skill levels.
  2. We keep it real. We understand small businesses, because we are one. We want to get straight to the point to help businesses reach their goals. We avoid filler words and sentences and prefer to get straight to business.
  3. We provide the need-to-know. We’re constantly flooded with changes to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok and other platforms – it can sometimes be too much. We filter through the noise and deliver resources and news that we believe digital marketers need to be aware of.
  4. We are a community. We talk to our customers and provide them educational information. We aren’t condescending and we don’t criticize others. We’re an inclusive community and encourage conversation among our followers.


SMPerth’s tone is informal and friendly. When we’re writing, we like to consider where our reader’s are coming from. Usually, they’re coming to us to be informed or educated. We don’t like to confuse things and aim to simplify our resources for our readers. We usually talk in an active voice to help with a clear and precise tone.

SMPerth has a relaxed sense of humour, and we don’t mind including the occasional one-liner or joke with our content. We never force humour, only when the opportunity naturally presents itself.