5 Free Tools for Great Content

We’ve all heard the mantra that “content is king”. Basically, it means that to grow your website, you need to put the reader first while SEO and keywords come second.

Readers expect useful content that will benefit them in some way.

Whether it’s entertaining or informational, it must provide value for the reader. These tools should help you in your quest for new and interesting content. These tools can also help you rework older content in a fresh way that provides new value.

Deeper Web

Deeper Web is great way to find interesting resources, related topics and FAQs about your target theme or keywords. Powered by Google, Deeper Web returns more in depth search results pages than a normal web search, divided into sections for easy navigation. The Deeper Cloud that gives you more tags and categories for mapping keywords. The News section will give you topical and related articles you could reference or discuss, while the Metrics and Resources may provide you with interesting stats and facts to fortify your article. The answers search will also provide you with some topics rich for the taking – FAQs about your particular niche that you can answer with a relevant blog.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

It can be difficult to come up with ideas and content. Writer’s block or distractions can make hard to find a topic to write about for your blog or website. The content idea generator is meant to free your mind, and allow you to consider topics that you might not normally. We can all become stuck in a rut where creativity deserts us. This tool will help you get back on track. Add your keyword into the idea generator, and it will give you hundreds of titles to choose from instantly. Refresh to get new ideas for content too.


It’s not just blog articles you need to focus on when improving the content for your business website. Your product/service and category pages should be regularly updated too to keep them fresh, relevant and unique. In particular, if you have similar services with separate pages, or you have a lit of content duplicated in your page templates (in the header, footer and sidebars) without much body text, then some of these pages could be deemed duplicated or low quality and possibly not even indexed by search engines. Siteliner is a fantastic tool that will scan your site and report on how much duplicate content you have and give a comparison amount based on other sites too. It will report the average page size compared to other sites, the number of words per page, and load time. This is extremely handy when you want to keep your site original and unique – start with the highly duplicated pages and get re-writing ASAP to give your rankings a boost.

Hemingway App

Once you find a topic worth writing, you want to ensure the finished product is as good as it can be. And while Microsoft Word will pick up spelling and grammar errors here and there, it’s not the best at reading the overall context of sentences or words and suggesting improvement. This is where the Hemmingway App really shines. The App’s namesake, writer Ernest Hemingway, was famous for his economy of words. Each was chosen carefully for its impact on the reader. You want your content to be readable and have high impact. The Hemingway App will check for readability and suggest fixes. Long, complex sentences are highlighted. Short, clear sentences are best for online reading. It will highlight where you should avoid adverbs or choose a stronger verb. All errors are coloured and users can hover with the mouse to see suggested changes.


Once you have the topic and the language just right, it’s time to create a stunning graphic to accompany your content to boost the visual appeal. Canva is a web graphics software program that anyone can use – and a lot of the graphics are FREE! You can use Canva to create personalised and high quality images, memes, infographics, buttons and more. It’s really easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface. It can even help you to design a Twitter page or Facebook page header for your business profiles.

Whether you’re reworking old content or trying to find new ways to entertain and inform readers of your blog or website, these tools should provide you with hundreds of ideas to write better content for your readers.


Sorcha Mullis
White Chalk Road provides SEO, SEM, PPC and online reputation management services to clients based in Perth and wider Australia.