Influencer Outreach [WEBINAR]



Does your digital strategy need an influencer? Allow us to influence your thinking.

Make no mistake, social media influencers can turn your brand into an influential one.

But where does an influencer fit into your strategy? Which influencer is right for your brand? And how the heck are you supposed to influence an influencer into lending their influence to you?

Fear not, you’ll find all the answers in our on-demand Influencer Outreach webinar, delivered by social and digital marketing strategist and certified trainer Meg Coffey.

This Influencer Outreach webinar will look at:

  • Find out what an influencer is, and what they can do for your brand
  • Define your niche, find the right influencer partner and weed out the fakes
  • Build an effective influencer pitch list and make contact the right way
  • Discover what makes the best branded content and how to provide a brief
  • Get to grips with media kits and rates
  • Ask Meg questions and take inspiration from real-world case studies
  • Pick up best-practice tips and actionable tricks of the trade


You think an influencer might add value to your brand and online presence, but you aren’t sure how to kickstart your influencer project. Our Influencer Outreach webinar will help you understand if – and where – an influencer fits into your marketing strategy, and how to get the most out of the influencer experience.

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Social media and digital marketing strategist Meg Coffey is a certified trainer, lecturer, media commentator, award-winning entrepreneur and regular on Australia’s business speaking circuit.

Texan by birth and Australian by choice, Meg is managing director of social and digital marketing agency Coffey & Tea, and founder of #SMPerth, the free digital-marketing knowledge-sharing network. She is also the creator of the paradigm-shifting State of Social digital and social marketing conference.

Meg brings a wealth of first-hand social and digital marketing experience and real-world case studies to her training programs, with content and conversation tailored to suit each class.


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