The Social Media Dictionary:
The Marketing 101 Edition

We have narrowed it down to 18 essential terms you must ultimately know if you want to succeed in the marking industry.  

What is user-generated content and how can brands use it

With organic reach declining, brands are quickly catching onto user-generated content as part of their social media strategy!

Which Social Media Platform Should You Be Using – Part Two

Before implementing your social media strategy, it is essential first to understand the who, what and why of each social media platform.

Which Social Media Platform Should You Be Using – Part One

While businesses understand the value of having a social media presence, are they using the right platform to achieve their marketing objectives?

Write a Social Media Policy for your Company

To ensure your company doesn’t suffer any social media disasters, we want to show you how to write a social media policy for your company.

Tips to Be More Efficient on Facebook

While we understand how updating your social platforms such as Facebook can be an arduous task, the truth is it doesn’t have to be!

ADITLO: Social Media Manager // How to spend time on social media in 2018

A social media manager wears many hats. Once we can visualise our tasks it’s easier to allocate the right amount of time and stay on top of all our tasks.

10 Must Have features for Social Media Software

Social media software integrates all your managerial tasks into one platform. Streamline everything, collaborate with team members and increase production.

How to Create a Social Media Policy for your Employees

It is important to create a social media policy, so employees understand what the rules and regulation are for in the digital space.

How to // Use Type Mode in Instagram Stories

Need more inspiration for creating new content on Instagram – what about text-based stories?

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