How to Write a Great Instagram Bio

Instagram is the best photo-sharing social media channel, with 500 million active users daily.

But, having text in your bio to compliment your awesome photos is equally as important.

Because of the apps visual aesthetic and high engagement rate, Instagram is a valuable marketing tool that can deliver exceptional results to your brand.

To make sure you get the most from your Instagram account we have some tips and tricks to help your account look the best it can be.

What is an Instagram bio?

Before we can jump into how to write a great Instagram bio, it’s important to understand exactly what an Instagram bio is.

To put it simply, your Instagram bio is where you let people know all about yourself or your business. Your bio appears directly underneath your username, and it includes a description (up to 150 characters, including emojis, hashtags, and other handles) and one URL. (Many users use a tool called Linktree to lead their followers to more than one link directly from their Instagram bio).

Your Name

Firstly your name on Instagram needs to be your actual name. People need this authentication for your account – they need to see that you are the person that is actually running the account.

Don’t use different spellings or any odd words in this space as this is the only way people can search for your account.

**TIP** If you want to be coming up in the search results for a certain word like blogger, then blogger should be in your name.  For example, instead of just writing “John Smith” write “John Smith (Blogger)”. This way when people search for a blogger your page will come up.

Profile Image

It’s a very straightforward element, but the profile image is the first impression many users have when they visit your profile for the first time. For a brand, it is best practice to use your company logo across all social media platforms. Not only does it introduce new users to the brand but it will help with long-term recognition. If you are a blogger or influencer, it’s important to select an image that communicates exactly who you are and what you do. 

**TIP** The size of the Instagram profile image is 180px x 180px on desktop and automatically resizes on mobile to 110px x 110px, cropping into a circular shape.

Use Keywords

Using keywords will not help with the search side of Instagram but it will make your profile look better. Using them will help users understand what it is that your account does.

Space It Out

Instagram Bio Emojis

If your bio is a couple of sentences long, make sure you space it out.

There is nothing worse than to see a whole bunch of words muddled together when trying to describe your account – it looks unprofessional and lazy.

If you provide the goods, make sure you look the goods as well!

Straight to the Point

If you keep your bio short, sharp and simple it gets your message across easy.

People do not have time to read a big paragraph on Instagram – if you can capture your audience’s attention with one sentence explaining what it is your business does, then you will be able to keep them engaged and interested with your content.

**TIP** Instagram bios have a limit of just 150 characters.

Use Emojis

Instagram Emojis

Emojis add a fresh, fun and visual element to what would otherwise be a block of plain text.

Not only do emojis save you valuable character space in a limited area, but they also offer the opportunity to add an emphasis on key points and show some brand personality.

The emojis should always be relevant to your brand – it is important to remember your target audience.

Call to Action

Instagram Call to Action

Provide a short link to your website, app or another social media account so you will be able to keep people engaged and interested with your page.

The only text on Instagram where you can click on your link to take you to another webpage is your bio. Use this important real estate and include a URL or a landing page for people to access; including this shows users that your business is credible.

**TIP** We recommend using a URL with a UTM tracking code, this means you can analyse the traffic on Google Analytics easily. Using UTM tracking codes lengthens your URL, so use a shortener platform such as Bitly, Rebrandly, Polr or TinyURL to condense the link.

Use branded hashtags to source user-generated content

Instagram Hashtag in bio

Are you looking at promoting user-generated content? Many brands include a branded hashtag in their bio, encouraging users to upload their images to be featured on their account. 

Check out Jesica Olie’s account below, who started #LETSSTARTYOGA. The hashtag now has more than 200k tags on Instagram, creating a real sense of community around the brand.

**TIP** Recently Instagram has made updates so that hashtags in bios can be clickable links. This makes it easier for users to see your hashtag and go exploring.


From musician/band, hospital, grocery store and advertising, there are thousands of Instagram business categories to choose from. The category sits in the Instagram bio, providing an opportunity to understand what type of business you have, but does not take up any character count! Use it wisely!  


Include contact buttons so your fans can easily phone, email, direct message or receive directions straight from Instagram, without having to go another site.

With these tips, you are now ready to create an awesome Instagram bio that will encourage users to like, follow and engage with your brand. 

To learn more about how to optimise your Instagram account for greater reach and insights into the algorithm, sign up for our next Instagram Marketing masterclass in Perth.

How to Write a Great Instagram Bio