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SPOTTED // Facebook allows emails from Business Manager

Facebook is making a big play in the CRM game. We spotted a new feature in the wild – Facebook has created an email marketing system and upgraded the contact manager.

Perfecting Pandemic Personas is a Post-Lockdown Priority

It’s worth considering how much the lockdown will have impacted the customers and online audiences your content and social media activities hope to reach.

Are you using virtual background on your Zoom calls?

It seems that no matter what the purpose for using Zoom, the option is there for a virtual background and there is something available for any occasion.

How to plan your social media content calendar in the times of COVID

The truth is this is a completely new territory so strategies are still in the making but what we do know is that it really does give to be somewhat flexible.

How Corona Virus Impacts on Influencer Marketing

How Corona virus impacts influencer marketing? This info will provide guidance for marketers and influencers during such an uncertain and challenging time.

Managing Your Personal Brand in Social Media

For many, the brand and the person are often one and the same – especially in social media. Each network can reveal different aspects of a personal brand.

Crucial Instagram Tips for Marketers [VIDEO]

We’ve created a video of crucial Instagram tips for marketers that will help grow your Instagram audience and improve your overall marketing efforts.

Disney Fails to Master the Force in Social Media

Fans and Twitter users in general were surprised to see Disney declaring it would effectively retain the right to use any and all tweets that used the #Maythe4th hashtag – a hashtag Disney didn’t even create.

ADITLO: Social Media Manager // Finding balance in our job

There is so much happening in the digital world daily and a question that gets asked the most is, how do you manage and find balance in your day?

Distributing Your Content to the Right Channel [VIDEO]

Knowing the best channels for your content can be confusing. In this video we show you how to distribute your content based on your audience and goals.

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