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How to Create a Facebook Cover Video [VIDEO]

A Facebook Cover Video is one of the first things your audience will see when they visit your page. In this video we will show you how to create one.

#SMPerth September // The Video Version

We waited a long time for this venue! Guests joined us at Besk in West Leederville for #SMPerth September.

Document reveals how Facebook downplayed early Cambridge Analytica concerns

Internal correspondence provides new insight into how Facebook staff reacted to concerns about use of user data by political campaign consultants

Tips to Help Extend Your Instagram Reach [VIDEO]

As Instagram continues to change, both the algorithm and with updates, it’s important to get a little creative to continue to extend your reach.

55 Global Social Media Stats you Should Know (Q3)

The Digital in 2019 report has just been updated with its Quarter 3 statistics. Here are 55 global social media stats that you should know!

#SMPerth August // The Video Version

We like a good bar, but we love a fun bar even more. It’s time for another round so tell the caddy you’re on your way to Holey Moley for #SMPerth August.

Facebook says it was ‘not our role’ to remove fake news during Australian election

Exclusive: Facebook executive Simon Milner says company ‘only removes content that violates our community standards’

The Recap // August 2019

The need to read was strong in August, almost as strong as the burn to learn.

When it came to hot topics, it was all about the how-to’s and statistics.

It’s time for tighter regulation of how Facebook and Google use our data

Big tech’s power has reached a tipping point. Governments must set some ground rules

Trying to be Cool Isn’t Always Kowabunga

Trying too hard when your brand doesn’t need it, could easily backfire. Stay authentic to your brand and be sure to check out our glossary of “cool” terms.

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