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The general public is increasingly cynical and suspicious of how technology – particularly social media – captures and uses personal data.

eSports are taking over the Internet. And if it’s not part of your social media strategy, you could be missing out.

The first two masterclasses for Day Two at State of Social ’20 (a.k.a. Workshop Day) where you can get hands-on advice from Australia’s smartest, sharpest digital and social strategists: Bonfire’s Gabe Mach and former Facebook wunderkind Gavin Carver.

Social media keeps changing, which is a challenge for social media managers who need to keep up without being constantly distracted.

When it comes to destination marketing, powerful storytelling can transport people from tapping on their phones to places all over the world.

Despite what you think of traditional media, it's still vital in building a personal brand.

One of the most common mistakes businesses make with customer personas is trying to encapsulate any and every potential customer to avoid leaving anyone behind.

When a mistake or ill-advised post triggers a social media backlash, ignoring or deleting the problem can prolong the crisis. Sometimes, the easiest way to diffuse a situation in social – and possibly even GAIN trust – is to admit when you get things wrong.