Picking the right marketing conference

It’s conference time 

Picking the right marketing conference is challenging, with so much choice and variation available. 

Marketing conferences are an excellent way to stay updated with trends and technology, meet new people, and bring new ideas and ways of thinking into your professional life. However, with new marketing conferences popping up left and right, finding one that’s right for you can be challenging.  

Before you go and spend your valuable time and money on a conference that might not be worth it, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you don’t regret your decision. 

Why attend a marketing conference? 

Whether you actively want to attend or it’s required for your job, we’re willing to bet you probably attend at least one conference a year, right?   

For every marketing conference that is an excellent learning and networking opportunity, there’s another conference not worth your time or money. Attending a conference costs you money, but it also costs you time off work that could be better spent creating or helping customers. These expenses are why it’s so vitally important that you make the right decision when picking a marketing conference to attend.  

State of Social, a marketing conference in Perth, Western Australia

If you’re considering attending a marketing conference, and you don’t want to waste your time, here are a few tips and questions to ask yourself before hitting that ‘buy now’ button. 

1. What do you want from a marketing conference?

Before you even think about booking tickets to a marketing conference, it’s worthwhile considering what you’re looking to get out of a marketing conference. 

Are you looking for something broad and overarching? Do you want a niche conference that’s hyperfocused on just one area? Do you want to network? Are you more interested in keynotes, or are hands-on workshops more your style? 

Understanding what you want from a marketing conference will help you avoid disappointment and stop wasting valuable time on something that doesn’t interest you personally or help you grow professionally. 

2. Check out the program 

If you’ve found an interesting conference, take the time to dive deeper into the program. What sessions and workshops are on offer? Who are the speakers? Do you know any of the speakers? What are the networking opportunities? 

It’s a good idea to note the sessions that interest you the most and keep an eye out for any schedule clashes. 

3. Who else is attending the marketing conference? 

The people and businesses attending your chosen marketing conference are as important as who is speaking. 

If the marketing conference’s guest list is filled with people and businesses from your industry, there’s a good chance it will be a solid conference with plenty of networking opportunities. 

4. Location and venue 

Regarding marketing conferences, location and venue mean two very different things, especially if you’re travelling from interstate or internationally. 

Before picking a marketing conference to attend, you should consider ticket costs, travel and accommodation expenses, and what else the host city has to offer outside of conference hours. 

While you may be attending a conference for work or professional development, you should still look to have a little fun after a long day of learning and networking. Take a little time to research different cities. What restaurants are nearby? What’s the weather like? Is it easy to get around, or will you need a hire car? 

5. Reviews and testimonials are your best friend  

As marketers, we all know there’s nothing more valuable than good word of mouth. Before making a call on which marketing conference to attend, it’s an excellent idea to read reviews from past attendees. Positive reviews will give you the confidence that the ticket price was well worth the money and attending won’t be a waste of time. 

It’s also worthwhile to know how long a specific conference has been running. There’s nothing wrong with taking a well-researched punt on a new conference, but conferences with a strong history are always a safer bet. 

6. Can you stalk the speakers? (Online, of course) 

It’s essential to remember that most conference speakers are thrilled to be there, and they’re (usually) more than happy to connect with you after the conference has ended. After all, marketing conferences aren’t just networking events for attendees alone. 

Any marketing professional speaking at a conference should have a decent presence on social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to send a few messages or emails and see if you can pick their brains. 

Bonus tip: many conference speakers love audience participation, so don’t be afraid to interact and ask questions when the time is right. 

There’s indeed no such thing as a perfect marketing conference. However, if you do your research and follow our tips, you’ll give yourself the best shot at finding a marketing conference that aligns with your goals, is good value for money, helps you grow professionally, offers networking opportunities, and much more. 

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