Social Media Holidays 2022 – Great Dates to Celebrate on Social

When planning content it’s always best to have key holidays marked in your calendar.

Some dates can provide a great opportunity for a promotion or piece of content.

We’re all aware of some popular dates – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or May 4th as Star Wars Day. 

But what about the more obscure holidays? There are a ton of ‘holidays’ every month that could be providing your brand with a great piece of content.

Not only do these dates provide some content inspiration, but they also let your brand engage with trending hashtags and allows you to showcase your lighter side as a brand.

We’ve made a list of weird holidays to celebrate on social media. These should help you find content during the quiet 2022 months.

We hope you find some inspiration from this list. What are your favourite weird holidays to celebrate? We would love to hear from you in the comments.