Social Media for Business [MASTERCLASS]

InterContinental Perth City Centre, 815 Hay Street

Thursday 29th November 2018

Want to take your social media to the next level for your business? First, you’ve got to understand how the platforms really work.

Social media strategist Meg Coffey will take you on a journey looking at nuts and bolts of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and give you practical tips and tricks to increase your ROI.

Join us on Thursday November 29th for an in-depth look at the reasons why things happen the way they do on social and how we can maximize our efforts in a resource strapped environment.

We welcome you to the boardroom of the InterContinental Perth City Centre for Social Media Perth’s masterclass “Social Media for Business” for a morning of insider knowledge and practical advice to grow your business; enjoy morning tea, lots of coffee and a bit of networking on a terrace in the heart of Perth.

Our masterclass will take a look at:

  • How social communicates your brand
  • What’s new with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Hashtags & other jargon
  • Content strategy & management
  • The rise of the influencer
  • Understanding analytics
  • Intro to advertising & remarketing principles



If you’ve dipped your toe into the water and are ready to go a bit deeper, this is the masterclass for you.



We will give you insider knowledge and practical advice to grow your business on social media and delicious morning tea and networking in the heart of Perth. All guests receive access to our online portal of the latest resources.



Social media strategist, brand marketing specialist, public speaker, and certified trainer Meg Coffey is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic range of services to individual businesses operating in niche industries. By combining research, in-depth experience, passion, and outcome-driven results, Meg creates business strategies that are individually tailored to her clients.

As a public speaker, Meg demystifies today’s fast-paced world of brand establishment, social media, marketing and PR to show how companies can take advantage of powerful digital tools to boost their bottom line through proven strategies and straight talking. Meg provides training that is informative, engaging and most importantly – useful.