Dogs Gone Wild // A laughing look at managing your pet’s Instagram

So you’ve got a dog.

A cute dog.

A pup with potential. A buddy with Instagram-famous potential. But where to start?

Here is a step-by-step guide to posting on your best mate’s Instagram and sharing their cuteness with the world.

Identify the best attributes and unique selling point of your dog

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This can be a range of things, including breed, tricks, size etc. it’s up to you to find out exactly what. Jiff the Pomeranian, perhaps the world’s most famous dog with close to nine million Instagram followers, uses his cuteness. His look is so striking that I doubt he’s even real.

Start posting consistently

Start posting photos and videos of your dog, in different environments, doing different things. Be patient when taking photos. Make sure you keep the posting consistent and centred around their unique attribute. And if by this point you still can’t find a single thing that makes your dog unique, that in itself is unique.

Mix it up

Now that you have started posting on a consistent basis, perhaps once a week is a good starting point, try implementing something different each post. Doug the Pug is a specialist in this. He has amassed more than three million Instagram followers by having a unique location, outfit or accessory in each and every post.

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Invest in accessories

By now, perhaps your pooch is receiving some attention. Now is the time to really boost the posts. Start focussing on each location and purchase accessories. Rather than taking photos at random times, prepare for the moments and take more photos and video so that you have a selection, and can build a narrative.

Prepare for the breakout

Eventually, your dog may enter the acting realm, as Jiff the Pomeranian has done. Jiff has featured in a number of Target ads, and has his own toy range. Make sure you keep treating your dog well, because once its acting career takes off, it could be paying your bills.

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Bask in the fame and success of your dog

Hopefully your dog has now reached Jiff’s level. Nurture your dog’s career and continuing building the Instagram presence that got you there in the first place.

If you need advice on what to post, check out the Instagram of any fellow A-list actor.

Remember that your dog will always just be a dog

In the spare time between photo shoots and acting gigs, treat your dog normally. Go for walks, play fetch and give them a family and a home.

These are the steps to posting on your dog’s Instagram, and building their brand.

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Ciaran is a Media and Communications student from Perth. He has a passion for anything film or sports related, or both (Shaolin Soccer).