Social Media Verification: Profile Authenticity & Perks

The elusive blue tick.

When building a following or moving into a wider public social media sphere, profile verification can give your brand authenticity and your followers the confidence that it’s really you.

You can get Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat etc. profile verification on almost any of your social media platforms.

A verified social media account is instantly recognisable from a small, generally blue, tick next to the name. It reassures users that this is in fact the real person/organisation, and not a fraudulent copy.

How do you get Social Media Verification?

Social Media Verification Roger Federer

Eligible organisations or public figures can get social media verification by contacting the social media platform, complying with their terms, and providing proof of identity. Below we can see some of Roger Federer’s social media verifications. He’s has won more than enough Grand Slams to earn his verifications.

Why do I need Social Media Verification?

Social Media Verification is only going to bring a positive influence to your brand. In this day and age, anyone can make an account on any platform and use any information available on the internet. To prevent your name or company’s name from being used deceptively, it’s important to seek out verification. And not only does it prevent fraud, verification comes with perks that are useful in growing your brand.

What are the Social Media Verification Perks?

  1. Exclusivity – Once you’ve received your social media verification, you’re part of an exclusive group. Verification is not common on many platforms, and getting verified means that your brand has been elevated to a new level and is among the top tier of Social Media profiles.
  2. Separation from the competition – We all know how crowded social media can be, and it can be hard to sift through the saturation of brands to find what you’re looking for. Verification will boost your brand instantly, and make this searching process easier for consumers. The tick may be small, but it is definitely eye-catching.
  3. Easier to get a Social Media Influencer. Once your account is verified, and you have gained that exclusivity, you will move up the rungs of social media. More Influencers will be more willing to work with you, and it will be easier for you to get their attention, so that you can assist each other’s brand promotion.

Social media verification is a simple process that can make a major contribution to your brand growth. Although Social Media platforms can contact you for verification, the perks should drive your desire to seek it out yourself. It should no longer be a question of ‘if,’ for you, but ‘when’ will I get social media verification.

Ciaran is a Media and Communications student from Perth. He has a passion for anything film or sports related, or both (Shaolin Soccer).