Work Life Bwhat?!

We ran a very scientific poll about work life balance.

Because all Twitter polls are 100% sources of truth, right?

Mental health is high on the radar at the moment so we’ve decided to do a little a digging and see what we could uncover about work life balance in our industry.

Not sure about you, but working on the weekends has been a thing since the beginning of working. At least in this household. Work life bwhat?!

Sometimes its because there’s an absolute lack of focus during the week and sometimes its becuase there’s just so much work to do. And that’s ok… for a bit.

What’s becoming glaringly obvious tho is that our industry is facing burnout. There simply no such thing as work life balance.

The Community Managers who are at the coal face have been sitting on knifes edge for months now. Are we looking after them?

The small business owners are doing *all* the things just to keep the doors open. Are we providing them with guidance and fact over fiction?

Working on the weekends used to be seen as a badge of honour. Now I’m not so sure.

What are your thoughts about working on the weekends? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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