Facebook Ads // Create Website Custom Audiences [UPDATED for 2020]

Facebook Custom Audiences are some of, if not the most, useful tools for delivering effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

A quick overview: a “custom audience” is a group of people who have a pre-existing relationship with your brand, this can be as customers or as contacts (via email address, phone, user ID etc).

Ultimately, customised audiences mean you’re serving up advertising messages direct to the people who are likely to be most receptive to them.

As a tool, custom audiences go further still and allow the user to refine the demographic pool from which you segment. For instance, once you select or create a custom audience you can go ahead and filter that audience according to location, demographics, interests and behaviours (psychographics).

For our purpose today we’re looking at how we can use Custom Audiences to reach people on Facebook who have already visited your website and deliver them highly relevant ads based on the interest they’ve shown in your products or services.


What are Website Custom Audiences good for?

  • Boosting engagement/building a fan base
  • Driving web traffic
  • Improving the efficiency of existing ads by focusing in on leads who are most likely to convert on your message
  • Database building
  • Selling products or services
  • Creating a sales funnel


So, how do we do it?

In short, you install a Facebook “pixel” that allows tracking of website visits and activity on your website.


Here’s a quick “How To”:

  1. Install a Facebook Pixel on your website.
  2. Go to Facebook Ad Manager and create your custom audience by selecting Customer List>Website Traffic.
    Note: be sure to save your audience! Saved lists appear at the top of the audience setting page and can be accessed for future campaigns.
  3. You will be prompted to provide an Audience Name and Visited URLs. Here you can input any page, keywords, or URLs where the pixel was executed on your site.You can also enter negative statements where “doesn’t contain” will be an option to further hone your audience. For example: contains any “/social media/” and doesn’t contain “television.”
  4. Set the retention window for how long you would like people to remain in this Website Custom Audience: as few as one and as many as 180 days.
  5. Double check your rule to ensure for errors.
  6. Create your advert, select your new custom audience for targeting and away you go!

You can also check out Facebook’s quick start tutorial for creating custom audiences.