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A Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audience is a Custom Audience comprised of users who have engaged with your content across Facebook, Messenger or Instagram.

With an Engagement Custom Audience you can target people who have spent time viewing your videos, clicking on lead forms and much more. 

It’s also possible to use it as a seed for a Lookalike Audience, which helps you to locate people who are similar to those who have engaged with your Facebook content.

engagement custom audiences

Different Types of Engagement

You can create an Engagement Custom Audience based on the following types of engagement.

Facebook explains in detail how to create an audience from each engagement – click on the engagement type below for a step-by-step guide.

engagement facebook custom audiences

Important Things to Remember

  • Engagement Custom Audiences are not the same as Custom Audiences from your website. Both take engagement into account, but Engagement Custom Audiences use actions taken from Facebook’s family of apps, compared to Custom Audiences uses actions taken from website which are tracked by the Facebook Pixel.
  • When you create an Engagement Custom Audience, you tell Facebook how many days you want them to go back when sourcing engagement information. For example, if you select to look back 30 days and someone has engaged 29 days ago, that user will be in the audience. But, if they don’t engage the next day, they will be removed from the audience. Likewise, any new user who engages within that time period will be added to the audience. Because of this, the audience keeps being refreshed so you don’t have to edit or create a new Engagement Custom Audience.

Have you had success using Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences? We would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below!


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