Using Facebook Custom Audiences in 2019

Custom Audiences lets you use the information you already have to reach people on Facebook and Instagram.

Using Facebook custom audiences lets you reach people on different devices, all the while protecting the audience’s privacy.

Different to Core Audiences, which only uses information shared with Facebook, Custom Audiences lets you anonymize your own information in a secure way and integrate it with similar anonymized Facebook information. This unique method allows you to reach users on Facebook and Instagram in a secure manner.

You are able to combine Custom Audiences with other options a such as location, demographics, interests, behaviours, and connections to make sure your message is being delivered to the right people.

Custom Audiences also helps to create Lookalike Audiences, which lets you discover users that are similar to existing customers and clients.

Different Ways to Build Custom Audiences?

You can create Custom Audiences are few different ways:

  • Customer files: This lets you build your audience from your CRM, POS, email lists, or other sources

customer files

Image: Facebook

  • Website Activity: Find existing customers who have shown an interest with your brands’ website
  • Mobile app activity: By using Facebook ads you can engage with users based on their activity with your apps
  • Facebook engagement: You can reach people you interact with your Page, videos and lead ads

facebook engagement


Image: Facebook

How to Build Custom Audiences

To begin, go to Facebook Ads Manager and select Audiences from the menu.

create a custom audience

When you visit Audiences for the first time, you’ll be asked to create an audience. Click on Create a Custom Audience to begin the process.

create an audience

Image: Facebook 

As we discussed earlier, there are various ways to develop a Custom Audience – from information you already have, or from information Facebook has based on interactions customers have with your page, website or app.

creating a new audience

Facebook will notify you when your Custom Audience has been approved. This can take up to 24 hours.

Important to Know

You are responsible for the info that is uploaded and used to reach your Custom Audience. You will need all the rights and permissions to use and disclose Custom Audience information in compliance with Facebook’s Custom Audience terms of service.

When creating your Custom Audience, you have to provide details on how you gathered the audience information that you’re uploading:

  • Directly from customers
  • From customers and partners
  • From partners

How to Share a Custom Audience

Facebook explains in the pictures below how to share Custom Audiences.

1. Go to Actions > Share and select An ad account owned by another business.

share a custom audience

2. Enter an ad account name or ID and click Next

accout id

3.  Select one of the options provided to define your relationship with the recipient account entered in the previous step,  if you haven’t already, and click Next.

share audience account

4. Read the responsibilities and terms for shared audience partnerships. If you accept, click I accept.

accept responsibilities

partnership request sent

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