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How to // Share an IGTV video

IGTV is an amazing resource for curating content – but how do you share those videos with your followers?

How to// Mention Someone in Instagram Stories

Also known as tagging, Instagram allows users to mention other users in their Stories.

How To// Write A Great Instagram Bio

Instagram is the best photo-sharing social media channel, but having text in your bio to compliment your awesome photos is equally as important.

HOW TO// Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you want to get yourself noticed on LinkedIn? Here are some handy tips on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile from SMPerth.

Instagram Ads // A Quick Guide to Power Editor

Perhaps, Ads Manager has started to feel a little ‘limited’. If so, Facebook’s Power Editor could be for you.

Instagram Ads // A Quick Guide to Ads Manager

With the introduction of stories, there are now even more ways to advertise on Instagram!

Facebook 101 // Pages

First of all, you’ll need to create a business page…but erm, how exactly do you go about creating a business page on Facebook?

How to// Tagging Pages on Facebook

Tagging is a very simple process, and when done properly can have a positive effect on your online presence and increase your visibility.

Facebook Ads // Power Editor 101

Power Editor is for mass ad creation. You can create and edit multiple ads using the tool and then upload them to Facebook simultaneously.

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